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  • 16 April 2024
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I asked this during the office hours session, but didn’t get answered.  Is there a way?  


Molly Neville12:08 PM

I have a question on invites sent....on the one on ones, the event goes straight to the invitees calendar, perfect! On the Group Meetings however, they have to add it manually to their calendar/download it which creates also sometimes warns them that it could be an unsafe attachment which scares them.  Is there a way so the Group invites work the same way as the one on ones?

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2 replies

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Hi Molly!

There currently isn’t a way to change the type of confirmation from email to calendar when it comes to group events. Our Product team is aware of the need, so I hope we’ll see some changes soon!

In the meantime, I’d recommend proactively communicating what to expect when booking. If invitees know to expect an email after booking and that it’s trustworthy, better chance of them being able to do what you need them to do.

Thank you!  It’s good to know it’s being worked on because where I do communicate it, many still have issues understanding how to save/download.