How do you manage your contacts?

  • 12 June 2024
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Hello, Calendly Community! This is Willow from the Calendly Success team, here to talk to you about the people you meet with. We so often focus on our schedules, but with Calendly Contacts, you can also manage who you are meeting with, not just your meetings! Check out our amazing Community member Kelsi’s article on this new feature HERE to see more of the excitement!


With Calendly Contacts, you have the ability to see specific contacts’ scheduling history and notes, book future meetings with specific contacts and share your availability with them! We are so thrilled for this new feature as it allows you to focus on the people you are meeting with, what meetings you’ve had with them in the past, and easily schedule meetings with them in the future to ensure you are always on top of your contact relations. 


What I want to know is how do you plan to manage your contacts in Calendly? Do you plan to favorite star recruits for easy communication? Schedule follow-ups on new clients behalf to prevent from lag in the sales cycle? Review meeting history to prepare yourself for a meeting with a customer you haven’t talked to in awhile? Comment below how you plan to use Calendly contacts!



To find step-by-step directions for Contacts, click on the links below!


  1. How to create a contact
  2. How to edit a contact
  3. How to schedule a meeting with yourself and the contact
  4. How to share your availability with a contact
  5. How to review scheduled and past events with a contact
  6. How to favorite a contact
  7. How are contacts automatically created?

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