I Book My Own Appointments Using Calendly

  • 27 June 2024
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I may be an odd user but I do not allow clients to book appointments with me, I book all of my appointments for them which gives me a flexibility I need to manage the multiple locations where I meet clients and multitude of different appointment types that I have, each with its own time requirement and very individualized automated workflows. 

I work out of multiple offices, as well as coffee shops where I regularly meet with clients, that located hours apart. In order for me to schedule appointments efficiently, I have to take into account the location of each appointment, the time requirement and the travel time between each meeting location. Using Calendly this way also allows me to highly customize each appointment type with Automated Workflows which double or even triple my efficiency and significantly decreases the percentage of no-shows.  

I am very interested to learn if many other Calendly users are using the system and functionality in the same way as well as I would be more than happy to share more about how I use Calendly to maximize my time and grow my Agency. 

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