Not linked to Zoom Pro

  • 3 May 2024
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I have it linked to my company’s Zoom account, which is Zoom Pro. But when I was in a scheduled meeting through Calendly, it was the free Zoom limited to 40 min meeting. Which isn’t a good look for clients. Any help? 


1 reply

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Hi @Brett72346!

That’s super weird and definitely not ideal. It should be defaulting to the Pro account (which is exactly my setup too), but if you had connected previously with a free Zoom account, it’s possible that link is still persisting. It might be worth disconnecting and reconnecting your account. More on that here:

One super important thing to note: Once you change the connected account, your event types, notifications, and Workflows will be updated with the new Zoom account. Previously sent notifications will contain the old Zoom information, and you will need to update your invitees with the new details.