Calendly for Administrators of teams - more work needed to be done

  • 3 June 2024
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On the whole, Calendly is set up for individuals. Managers of teams face a whole raft of issues that are hard to resolve..


Paypal / Stripe - all need to be set up on an individual basis instead of at a company level, that poses Authorisation issues, or a large admin task to get each team member taking money in to one single Stripe account

Zapier - again this authorises on a per user basis, instead of a per team basis, meaning thbat effective integrations into other systems is overly difficult.  Example updating a CRM with all new customers has to be done on a per user basis, as opposed to a per account basis.

Workflows / communications - Again - these are per user, not per team - the option of setting things up per team would be much easier

Event types - Being able to template things so that we can assign one event type to multiple team members, whilst accounting for differential pricing would take a ton of administrative work out of setting things up

We have just spent a month working around these issues, and that's about 3 weeks too long.

From a “managing a team” point of view, the current status quo is not ideal.

If Calendly wants to target more “businesses” that have more than a handful of users as customers, then they need to start accommodating team managers and their requirements.

1 reply

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Hi @Adrianne16328!

Thank you SO much for this feedback. We know there is always more work to be done on the admin side and there are definitely improvements in the works. I’ll be sure to send on this specific feedback to the teams responsible and make sure they’re aware!