Communication customization for Ad-Hoc Meetings

  • 19 June 2024
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I’d like a way to customize the communications for ad hoc meeting types, specifically the calendar event title.

Much like a users’ ability to modify the communication initiated from a Calendly event (with specific event-types), I would like to be able to do more to customize how ad hoc events’ communications are distributed. I find myself using the ad-hoc meeting feature more than my event-types, and this would lead to less confusion on my scheduled meetings with clients/prospective-clients.


I’ve scanned the forums here and I know it’s well defined as not possible, and was hoping this forum post could be used as a recommendation/idea-board item.

Potentially a place in the user settings where you could modify the ad hoc meeting distribution options, or more options when executing the ad hoc event.


Thanks, really enjoy the product!


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Hey there @matt8902 -- we appreciate your feedback so much. Thank you!

In the meantime, you might consider creating a blanket one-on-one ET and then using our Customize Once and Share feature, which allows you to change things like the event type title, duration, location, availability, communications and more!

I hope this helps!