How many event types do you use?

  • 18 September 2023
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I’m a longtime Calendly user and absolutely could not get along without using meeting types to set up calls with prospects, customers, partners and colleagues. While I sometimes set up special meeting series for a specific client, especially if I’m engaged in any interviews with their customers, I have a few fallback meetings that I use all the time.

These are my 30 and 60 minute sessions. I have a series of invite questions that I use for these and have them both captured as a macro using the app TextExpander on the Mac so that I can easily drop them into a chat or social media direct message.

Lately, I’ve expanded my meeting types to specialized sessions for parters or other non-business functions.

I’m curious what others use?


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3 replies

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Hey Todd! Long time, no talk! (Joking - I know, I’m hilarrrious!) 😅 Congratulations on being one of the first Community users to break the ice. 

Even though I work here at Calendly, I also use it for my own personal endeavors!

One of my favorite things to do is to set up a Group Event Types so that I can meet with several of my friends or colleagues, at once. Something I recently used a group event for was to organize a watch party with about 25 people from a support group I help moderate! We all got together via Zoom and watched a documentary, and it was fantastic! 

Another event type that I have used more than once is a One-Off Meeting! I use this when I need to quickly send an invite to a friend or colleague that falls outside of my normal availability or event configurations. It’s super useful!

You and anyone else reading this can check out the topics I’ve already published on these event types (absolute shameless plug, here)! 😉

I hope this helps! (If it doesn’t help at all, I am doing something very wrong!) 😱

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Love the detailed example, Todd. I often deal with a lot of sales and vendor requests in managing a tools stack internally at Calendly, so I’ve structured my ETs to follow the “funnel” of working with vendors. Meaning, one ET if I’m meeting a vendor or team for the first time, a second for a follow-up conversation, a third as a standing page for either one of us to book time with the other if we enter into a formal partnership, etc. Each of those has custom rules relevant to the moment of the journey. I almost always add on Workflows and Reminders to each, to ensure no one attending forgets about a meeting they committed to. 

Feels similar to the way you think about things!

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@g.toon ohhh, I really do like the notion of setting ET’s as funnels based on stages in a conversation. That’s a lovely notion. I’ll have to think through the implications for my working style. Thanks for the inspiration!