Workflows and Why to Make the Switch

  • 9 January 2024
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Cal Pals! I’ve missed you! We’re back with a new year and I’m excited to talk about one of my favorite features for maximizing your Calendly ROI and making your day-to-day workflows ( 😉) so simple you’ll feel like you’re on vacation 🌴  

Generally speaking, both Workflows and basic reminders are great tools to reduce no-shows and keep your invitees in the loop. This said, I am ✨such ✨ a Workflows cheerleader. I hope to help shed some light on my obsession and bring some new folks to the Workflows party. 


Who can use this feature?

Calendly’s Workflows are available to users on our Standard, Teams, and Enterprise plans, as well as the legacy Professional plan. 

FYI: The Teams plan is available for both multi-user organizations as well as for individual use. To learn about the features in each plan, feel free to check out our pricing page!


Workflows vs. Basic Reminders



Basic Reminders

  • You can configure *unlimited Workflows per event type.
  • You can track when your notifications are triggered from the Workflows timeline in the Scheduled Events page.
  • Workflows can be assigned to multiple different event types.
  • Workflows can be sent from a Gmail or Outlook account using the Gmail or Outlook for Workflows integrations.
  • You can send follow-up and cancellation texts.
  • You can send texts and emails with Calendly generated links for invitees to reconfirm.
  • Workflows can be configured to be sent to the invitee and/or the host.
  • Up to three (3) email and/or text reminders can be sent out per booked invitee.
  • One follow-up email can be sent per booked invitee.
  • Basic reminders need to be configured individually per event type and cannot be assigned to multiple different event types.
  • Basic email reminders are sent from
  • Basic reminders are not able to be tracked from the Scheduled Events page.
  • Basic reminders can only be sent to the invitee and not to the host.



💡*Tip: General limits and restrictions apply for SMS text usage. To learn more about SMS credits and appropriate use, click here.


Getting Started with Workflows

For a step-by-step guide on how to create Workflows, feel free to check out this great Help Center article. The linked article provides written instructions and feature details, as well as a video tutorial for my visual learners. 


Personal Workflows

When you create a personal Workflow, whether it be for yourself or for another user in your organization, it can only be applied to that host’s event types

If you are an admin or owner in your Calendly organization, you can create personal Workflows for other users in your organization by toggling into their user view(s) using the “My Calendly” dropdown in the Workflows page





Team Page Workflows

Now I know you’re wondering– can I use Workflows for my team page events? Ok, maybe you weren’t already wondering that, but I bet you are now 😊

🥁 Drumroll…
Yes, you can! Since personal Workflows can only be applied to that host’s event types, if you would like to apply a Workflow to a team page, you can toggle into that teams Workflows page view using the “My Calendly” dropdown in the
Workflows page


Additionally, you will be able to view the Workflows for any team you are assigned to while logged into your account and viewing your Workflows page, as shown below. 



💡Tip: While it is possible to create Workflows for your team pages, shared event types cannot at this time use Workflows

If you would like to use Workflows for a Collective or Round Robin event type, you will want to create the event type in a Team page instead of as a shared event type.

See the following articles for help creating a Collective or Round Robin event type in a team page:

Creating a Collective Event in a Team Page

Creating a Round Robin in a Team Page


Let us know with some of your favorite ways to use Workflows! As always, feel free to reply with any additional questions you may have– we’re here to help!



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