Heading to SHRM Talent Conference? Let’s Meet Up!

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Hey there! Rebecca with Calendly Events here 😃

If you’re packing your bags for the SHRM Talent Conference & Expo, we’re right there with you. This event is like the Super Bowl for folks in recruiting and HR – a place where folks gather to talk shop, share tips and tricks, and find out about the latest and greatest in snagging top talent.


So, What’s the SHRM Talent Conference All About?

For the uninitiated, SHRM Talent is the go-to spot for anyone who’s anyone in recruiting. It’s where the brightest minds in talent acquisition converge to discuss everything from sourcing strategies to the latest in tech tools that make hiring a breeze. Picture keynotes, workshops, and networking with people who get the challenges and triumphs of recruiting just like you do.

At SHRM Talent, we at Calendly are on a mission. We’re here to show you how our simple, yet powerful scheduling tool can seriously up your recruiting game. Think less time juggling emails to book interviews and more time connecting with those standout candidates.


See you there?

 If you’re hitting up SHRM Talent, let’s make plans to connect! Let us know you’re going by setting up some time to meet with our crew 1:1, IRL.

We are hosting demos to show you how to:

  • Sync Calendly to your ATS so it automatically updates candidate records when an interview is booked, rescheduled, or canceled.
  • Quickly build candidate pipeline by distributing the workload evenly among your team for high-volume scheduling and speed up time-to-hire.
  • Stay in your workflow while scheduling by leveraging browser extensions to easily add interview times to email, integrate with LinkedIn, and more.


Maybe next year?

Can't join us at SHRM Talent this time around but thinking it could be your scene in the future? Go ahead and give this post a thumbs up. We're cooking up some ideas to bring our power-users along for the ride on future adventures, but we're curious if that's something you'd be into. Your ‘like’ is your vote - let us know you're interested!


And hey, if you’ve got some cool stories or insights on how scheduling automation has changed the game for your hiring, drop us a line in the Calendly Community forum. Your feedback is gold, helping us keep our tool top-notch for recruiters everywhere.


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