Introducing Calendly Connectors - Applications Open for June 2024 Cohort!

In March, we shared news that Calendly Collective was entering a “what’s next?” phase while we thought wildly, creatively, and ambitiously about the future of customer advocacy here at Calendly.Today, we’ve got some exciting news to share on what’s next.While researching other customer advocacy programs, gathering perspectives from advocates like you, and looking at Calendly’s needs, we kept noticing a recurring theme of wanting “more opportunities to have a meaningful impact or experience.” The individuals we talked to want to provide impactful feedback, have first access to new features, learn and innovate, build meaningful relationships, and more.The short overview is we’re closing down Calendly Collective and standing up a new advocacy program called Calendly Connectors. What’s new and different?While Calendly Collective had elements of a successful customer advocacy program, it was working double-time to be all things to all people. Calendly Connectors will be purpose-built, focusing on the needs of our customer advocates and aligning perfectly with what Calendly needs, too.Calendly Connectors will be an exclusive, cohort-based recognition program with unique opportunities and acclaim. We’ll celebrate your accomplishments with exclusive surprises and perks, access you can’t get anywhere else, and more. So what now?As you’ve likely noticed, activity is slowing down on Calendly Collective. We’ll formally shut down Calendly Collective on June 21, 2024, so be sure to redeem any rewards before then. Rewards not redeemed by then will be forfeited.Calendly Connectors will officially launch with our first cohort of 25 Connectors in mid-June, and we’d love for you to be a part of it. If you want to learn more about the program or nominate yourself for the first cohort, click here. Applications close on May 31, 2024.Thank you for being a part of Calendly Collective. We look forward to seeing many of you in the next chapter of customer advocacy at Calendly!

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Some of the Reasons We Love the (Improved) Calendly Browser Extension

Do you ever get the low battery warning on your mouse or trackpad and a fleeting thought of “I just charged it. Again already?” floats through your head? It really shouldn’t be a surprise seeing as we toggle between different apps and websites 1,200 times a day. If you then add in how many clicks you need to make on each website or application, it’s truly a wonder our peripheral devices can make it as long as they do!Needless to say, we’re on board with nearly anything that helps cut down the “toggle tax” which is a big reason why we love browser extensions. But we especially love the Calendly browser extension. Why? We’re so glad you asked. (You were going to ask, right? Right.) Book Meetings Live on a CallIt’s fair to say we’ve all had that awkward moment of “Is next Tuesday at 2pm good? Yeah? Cool” and then realizing you were going to send over your Calendly anyways because it makes booking easier and workflows are life. But now you’re like “But we know the date and time!” which puts you in a bit of a situation. To Calendly link or not to Calendly link?But fear not… anymore. Our new and improved extension can help you skip the scheduling link and book that meeting in real time. Less awkwardness, more efficiency. And best of all? The meeting stays connected to all your glorious automations, including locations, reminders, and notifications.Learn more about scheduling in real time here.   Book Over Blocked Off TimeBut wait. WAIT! There’s more! Have you ever had that moment of “I actually can meet next Tuesday at 12 during my lunch block”. But you really just don’t want to go do the whole remove the block > send the link > someone nabs the open block thing? We get it. When you’re scheduling in real time, you (not to be confused with everyone else) now have the ability to schedule outside available hours, book over internal work blocks, and override rules like minimum scheduling notice - all from the full calendar view.Learn more about booking over meetings here. Keep Track of ContactsWe’re not too proud to admit that sometimes it’ll be about 90 seconds before a meeting when we realize “I have no idea who I’m meeting with and if I’ve met with them before” Queue panicked inbox searching. Did I do this earlier today? Yep.A new feature we’re entirely too excited about is the Contacts tab. This fancy little tab serves a few purposes ranging from saving you in that panicky 90 seconds pre-meeting to facilitating future meetings.If you’re preparing for a meeting, head on over to the Contacts tab and click on the name of the person you’re meeting with. This quick foray lets you see who you’re meeting with, skim contact details, and check out your scheduling history. Goodbye inbox searching!If you’re looking to grab a new chunk of time or plan ahead, Contacts also makes booking time so very easy. Book a new meeting right from your contact’s page from any of your available event types.Learn more about Contacts here.  Want to learn more about the extension and all the cool things it does? Head on over the Calendly Blog to read more.Don’t have the extension yet? Calendly’s extension is free for all users, and it’s available on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

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Good news for admins: Connect Zoom once for faster team scheduling

Behind every organization that uses Calendly to schedule as a team is at least one account admin who’s taking care of things behind the scenes. We tip our hat to account admins — they’re in charge of inviting users, creating time-saving event templates and routing logic, and keeping up with meeting analytics to help their team schedule even more efficiently.One piece of feedback that kept bubbling up was that while account admins love our Zoom integration, their teammates were sometimes forgetting to set up their Zoom account. This means some teammates weren’t able to automatically generate Zoom links and details for their scheduled meetings, and admins needed to keep reminding them to set up their Zoom integration — not ideal all around.We’re excited to share that admins on Teams and Enterprise plans can now set up Zoom on behalf of their organization so all teammates instantly have access to their favorite video conferencing tool!Admins can connect Zoom for their organization to: Check off an onboarding step: Make it easy to start scheduling when Zoom’s already connected.  Solve for missing integrations: Give existing users who haven’t connected Zoom instant access.  Set it and forget it: Add Zoom once and future teammates get the integration, no action neededWatch Jacob show you how to set up Zoom for your organization in under 2 minutes, or check out the help center article for step-by-step instructions.  Want more? We have more admin-managed integrations in the works. Stay tuned!

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Heading to SHRM Talent Conference? Let’s Meet Up!

Hey there! Rebecca with Calendly Events here 😃 If you’re packing your bags for the SHRM Talent Conference & Expo, we’re right there with you. This event is like the Super Bowl for folks in recruiting and HR – a place where folks gather to talk shop, share tips and tricks, and find out about the latest and greatest in snagging top talent. So, What’s the SHRM Talent Conference All About?For the uninitiated, SHRM Talent is the go-to spot for anyone who’s anyone in recruiting. It’s where the brightest minds in talent acquisition converge to discuss everything from sourcing strategies to the latest in tech tools that make hiring a breeze. Picture keynotes, workshops, and networking with people who get the challenges and triumphs of recruiting just like you do.At SHRM Talent, we at Calendly are on a mission. We’re here to show you how our simple, yet powerful scheduling tool can seriously up your recruiting game. Think less time juggling emails to book interviews and more time connecting with those standout candidates. See you there? If you’re hitting up SHRM Talent, let’s make plans to connect! Let us know you’re going by setting up some time to meet with our crew 1:1, IRL.We are hosting demos to show you how to:Sync Calendly to your ATS so it automatically updates candidate records when an interview is booked, rescheduled, or canceled. Quickly build candidate pipeline by distributing the workload evenly among your team for high-volume scheduling and speed up time-to-hire. Stay in your workflow while scheduling by leveraging browser extensions to easily add interview times to email, integrate with LinkedIn, and more. Maybe next year?Can't join us at SHRM Talent this time around but thinking it could be your scene in the future? Go ahead and give this post a thumbs up. We're cooking up some ideas to bring our power-users along for the ride on future adventures, but we're curious if that's something you'd be into. Your ‘like’ is your vote - let us know you're interested! And hey, if you’ve got some cool stories or insights on how scheduling automation has changed the game for your hiring, drop us a line in the Calendly Community forum. Your feedback is gold, helping us keep our tool top-notch for recruiters everywhere.  🥂 Cheers,Rebecca

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Meet our fresh, new release notes page!

We've got some exciting news to share that you won't want to miss — meet our fresh, new release notes page where you can find our monthly product newsletter from our very own Head of Product Marketing, Jeff, and get the lowdown on all the new features we're rolling out each month. Now, you can easily find those updates even if you’ve missed the latest newsletter just by clicking this link or accessing it from the community sidebar. Check out the highlights from our latest release:➡️ Instant schedule HubSpot contacts with assigned owners: With our Routing solution, you can now “look up” data in your HubSpot CRM to instantly match and schedule customers based on the assigned account owner! These lead routing enhancements with HubSpot is an (account) match made in heaven. ➡️ Customer Testimonials: Don't just take our word for it. Olina Karagianni, RevOps Manager at Toggl, shares her experience: "It took me only seven minutes to set up Calendly’s HubSpot LookUp. Seven minutes that saved us hours of manual reassignments and fixing reports. For us, it’s not just about conversions; it’s also about saving valuable time for our team while providing excellent customer experience."➡️ New Integrations Alert: We're thrilled to announce two new partnerships with tools you love — Loom and Grammarly! With Loom’s new Calendly integration, your viewers can set up a meeting with you while — or right after — watching your Loom video of you presenting.As part of Grammarly “app actions,” our integration allows you to stay focused and reduce context switching by using AI writing assistance to pull up and share your Calendly availability wherever you’re writing. 🚀 And that's not all! We've got more exciting updates and announcements on the horizon, so stay tuned. Thanks for being a part of our growing community!🔗 Full Product Release Notes for March 2024  

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Product Update - March 2024

Hiya friends! Sam here feeling lucky that the days have been getting longer and warmer. ☀️ Let’s get up to speed on this month’s Calend-news. Admin Managed Event Type Editor - RedesignedAdmin managed event types just got a make-over! While the admin managed event type editor previously followed the legacy editor style, we’ve updated it to more closely follow the current editor style. Settings are now configured in the current editor format, with Event details, Hosts and invitees, Scheduling settings, Booking page options, and Communications. Loving the uniformity here now! The formatting is now consistent with the event type editors of non-admin managed event types.  💡 Note: Unlike the non-admin managed event type editor, the admin managed event type editor doesn’t have a booking page preview. Depending on your permissions settings, you may be able to view a booking page preview in the event type editor from an assigned user’s event types page.  Little bit of background since admin managed event types may be an unfamiliar topic— Admin managed events are reusable event types that organization admins can edit, *lock/sync, update, and assign to users to help standardize meetings. They also provide admins more control over your organization’s scheduling experience.For more information on admin managed event types, feel free to take a look here. *users on our Teams plan and higher are able to lock and sync fields in admin managed event types. To learn about the features in each plan, feel free to check out our pricing page! Routing with HubSpot LookupNow available for Teams and Enterprise users, routing with HubSpot lookup lets you instantly match and schedule HubSpot contacts with their assigned account owner—directly from your “Contacts Sales” forms.For routing with HubSpot lookup, select Use HubSpot lookup when configuring your routing logic. While every HubSpot instance is unique, we recommend users new to HubSpot routing use the configuration steps provided in this Help Center article when getting started. 💡 Did you know? You can add HubSpot lookup logic to a Calendly-native, HubSpot, Marketo, or Pardot routing form.   🎉 That’s it for this month! We post these fun run-downs every month to help you stay in the know with all things new to Calendly, so check back in a few weeks to keep up-to-date with all things Calend-news 📰  - Sam

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HubSpot + Calendly: A Perfect (Routed) Match

If you use HubSpot and Calendly routing forms, we’ve got some exciting news for you. How exciting? Like literally-most-requested-update-to-Calendly-Routing exciting. Chances are if you’re in sales, RevOps, or customer success, you’re intrigued already.Instead of building suspense (we’re not patient either; just give us the surprise!), let’s just get right into it. Here it is: Calendly has added HubSpot CRM account matching to our Routing solution! Now when a known HubSpot contact fills out your “Contact Sales” routing forms, they can be matched and scheduled instantly with their assigned account owner. This eliminates follow up delays and manual reassignment on the back end, and delivers an undoubtedly better experience - for you and your customers. Best of all? It works with HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, or Calendly Routing forms. Here’s what Calendly customer Olina Karagianni, RevOps Manager at Toggl had to say about it: “I track my time with Toggl Track, and it took me only seven minutes to set up Calendly’s HubSpot lookup. Seven minutes that saved us hours of doing manual reassignments and fixing reports. For us, it’s not just about conversions; it’s also about saving valuable time for our team while providing excellent customer experience. Now it’s the right rep, right away.”  Ready to learn more? Here are some helpful links to check out.Set up routing with HubSpot lookup Routing with HubSpot lookup FAQs Getting started with Routing Forms    Happy Routing! 

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Contacts - Exciting New Feature Alert!

👋🏻 Hey there, Calendly Community! Nothing excites me more than getting to tell you all about new features that will make your scheduling experience within Calendly easier, faster and more efficient - and that’s exactly what I am writing today, to do! What’s the new feature? Well, something that will make your meeting-life objectively better, of course! ➡ Enter > Contacts! ❓Who can use this feature? Users on all Calendly plans - free or paid - can utilize this feature. Woo hoo! What is the Contacts feature,  you ask? I am so happy to explain! Contacts make it easy to see who you're meeting with, review notes and scheduling history, and book follow-up engagements directly from Calendly. With contacts functionality, you have the capability to:Create a contact Edit a contact Schedule a contact Share availability via email from within Calendly (paid feature) Review contact specific scheduled events Favorite a contactHead over to our Help Center to read more in-depth about each step of the process, here. 💭Note: the Contacts feature is currently available in Calendly’s web application. We heard your feedback regarding wanting to see Contacts in our iOS and Android mobile apps, and the developer team on this feature is excitedly working on that release now! This article will be updated to reflect the feature’s mobile app availability when that day comes. Now that we’ve outlined what the feature is, how does it work? When should you use it? Why would you want to? I’m so glad you asked. 😉 Let’s go over an example!💡Use Case ExampleYou are a busy recruiter that has been working to find a specific candidate the perfect job with their dream company, but things just haven’t quite fallen into place yet - bummer! However, you have finally, through all of your diligent searching, found a job for this candidate that is absolutely the right fit.  You’ve met with the candidate several times already - and you have them favorited in your Calendly Contacts for that reason! All you have to do now is select the candidate in your list of contacts, opt to share your availability with them, and then send an email out prompting them to book a meeting with you. What’s even better? You can customize that email right from within the Contacts functionality - telling them exactly what you want to meet about so that they can prepare and get excited, too!See below for an outline of the “email” process that this feature offers!To share availability (and edit the email that is sent):  Navigate to your Contacts tab.   Select Share availability next to the contact you are looking to reach out to.   Select the event you want your invitee to schedule with you. Select Next.   For users who have integrated Gmail for workflows or Outlook for workflows: Choose which email address you would like to be used to send an email.   (Optional) Edit your email content.   (Optional) Select the checkbox next to Include cancellation policy to include your event cancellation policy.   Select Send Email. Phew - isn’t that awesome? 👏 I think so, too!💥Update to the Contacts Feature: restore a deleted contact! Navigate to your Contacts tab within Calendly Within the contact search bar, type in the name of the previously deleted contact Select the to the right of that contact Select Restore to add that contact back to your contacts list💭Note: this article was amended Tue Apr 23 @ 4:55pm EST to add new info - “restore a deleted contact” Now that you have a basic understanding of Contacts, you should be able to head to your Calendly account and get started! Implement the feature in whichever way works best for you - and tell us about how it goes!  Happy Scheduling, Calendly Community! 

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Product Update - February 2024

Happy Leap Year Day, CalPals! With the second month of 2024 under our belts, I’m here to share another round of Product Updates! While we’re still working on some exciting things for you in beta, I have a couple of quick Calend-news items to share with you.  New Terms of UseIf you’re a solo user or an organization owner/admin, you may have noticed an email in your inbox recently about some updates we’re making to our Terms of Use. These new terms will go into effect on March 8, 2024, and the prior version of our Terms of Service will apply until then.  Why Are We Updating Our Terms of Use? Essentially, we think y’all deserve the best. We’re refocusing our Terms of Use to provide an easier self-service experience that will improve transparency and clarity, and limit legalese. What We’re Updating:Start at our brand new Legal Homepage - your one-stop-shop for all things Legal and Compliance. Consider this your roadmap to determining how to navigate the relevant links/terms in clear language and in one place, holistically.   From there, you should be able to easily navigate which additional terms and policies may apply to you and your Authorized Users (if any).   We’ve added or updated certain terms, including requirements around customer obligations when using Calendly, Calendly’s SMS functionality, our AI features, and more specific terms on confidentiality, use of customer data, and indemnification obligations.   We’ve updated our Acceptable Use Policy - which applies to all Customers, Authorized Users, Invitees and Website Visitors - to clarify the types of activities that are permitted and prohibited when accessing/using Calendly’s Services and/or Websites.   We’ve also updated our Privacy Notice to provide more information on how we collect and use personal information in connection with our business practices and new products and features.Have questions about the updates to our Terms of Use? Feel free to reach out any time! Sending Workflows From a No-Reply AddressThis one is pretty self explanatory– while Workflows were previously only able to be sent from or a connected Gmail or Outlook email account, we’ve just updated them to be able to send from This means that if you have an event type that uses our no-reply email address with email confirmations, you can now set your Workflow to match the event type notifications, allowing for notification uniformity and preventing potential invitee confusion.  🎉 That’s it for this month! We post these fun run-downs every month to help you stay in the know with all things new to Calendly, so check back in a few weeks to keep up-to-date with all things Calend-news 📰  - Sam

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Product Update - January 2024

*Blink* …and that’s a wrap on January! Time is flying by and we’re somehow already one month into 2024. There have been an incredible 24,000 users who visited us in Community just this past month and we look forward to continuing to help y’all meet your scheduling goals in the coming months! What a great start to the year 🎊 In other exciting news for admins using Managed Events, we just rolled out a stellar new feature that makes the management process of Managed Events even better 😎 Event Type Permissions for Managed EventsWe’re now able to provide View or Edit access to other users when using Managed Event Types!To use this new feature, you can simply click the settings gear of an assigned Managed Event Type from the home page of an assigned host. You can then click “Edit permissions”, as shown in the screenshot below to provide other users View or Edit access for Managed Event Types. This is a feature I see a ton of value in for admins who are big fans of Managed Event Types, so I’m super excited for y’all! If you’re not familiar with Managed Event Types, feel free to take a look at this Help Center article for more information on them.  Alrighty, short and sweet! While not a dense month for new roll-outs, we’ve had our heads down working hard on a lot of really cool new things for you. Keep an eye out; we’re cooking 🧑‍🍳  - Sam  

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Product Update - December 2023

Happy New Year from your Calendly Community!  Call me crazy, but this time of year always has me reflecting more than any other. Here are some of the questions I like to ask myself when taking my personal annual inventory:What was I doing this time last year?  What are some things that surprised me this year?  What has changed?  What stayed the same?In the spirit of reflecting, here’s a quick rundown of what we were up to in December as we launch into 2024… 🚀 12 Days of CalendlyKelsi and I got to embody little helper elves this past month by putting together 12 festive articles on topics we feel are incredibly helpful for all Calendly users, individuals and teams alike.Helpful topics like:What are different event types? Creating events in a Team Page Adding Calendly to Your Website Helpful Integrations …and more!Feel free to check it out here! Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power AutomateUsers on our Enterprise plan can now integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 via Power Automate. In addition to automatically adding (or updating) scheduled meeting information in your records, the integration can:Sync leads in real time: When a Calendly meeting is booked, a lead is created with up-to-date contact information. If the lead already exists in Dynamics 365, the record is updated with Calendly’s most recent information. Get insight into leads’ activities: View upcoming and past meetings on a lead’s Timeline. If a meeting is rescheduled or canceled, the appointment also is updated or canceled in Dynamics 365. Enable dynamic sales and marketing automations: Always include the right team member’s availability or scheduling page in email campaigns and lead nurture flows. Store user-specific Calendly links in your Dynamics 365 user profile, so you don’t have to manually add them to each email. Capture form responses: If you use Calendly forms to capture lead information, all submissions are added to Dynamics 365 records, too.For more information on the Microsoft Dynamics and Power Automate integration, feel free to click here. Not an Enterprise user? For more information on our Enterprise plan, see here. Host Pools - Improved Collective and Round Robin Event TypesThis is a feature that I know I’ve been long awaiting, and am so thrilled to finally be able to offer to our Teams and Enterprise users! Host pools for Collective and Round Robin event types allow you to create multi-person events with a mix of “host(s) that will always attend” and a “rotating pool” of other hosts.For more info on how to use host pools for your Collective and Round Robin event types, take a look at this Community article I put together! 🥂 🍾 Cheers to another year of simplifying scheduling! Let us know— what would you like to see from us next?  - Sam 

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Product Update - November 2023

New UI, lets get fresh!Heading into this holiday season and heading into a new year, we’ve rolled out a new look for Calendly! With a new streamlined user interface and some cool new features, we’re so excited to share our make-over with the world 💄 SidebarYour new navigation home base, the sidebar is where you’ll go for the most regularly used tools in Calendly. This part is fairly self-explanatory, but here’s what it’s all about.  Event Type Editor With In-Editor PreviewBy far my favorite part of the new design is the addition of the event type editor’s booking page preview.While previously, you had to leave your event type settings page to check your work, you now have a view of your booking page while making your configurations to see how each setting affects your booking page in real-time. For a quick (~6:30) overview of the new event type editor, take a look at this video walkthrough! HolidaysWe’ve got your work/life balance in mind here at Calendly, and it’s never been easier to make sure your time is your own. With the new Holidays feature, you can set your holiday preferences with just a few clicks and enjoy your well earned rest! Calendar SyncYour calendar connections are easier to access than ever before. Simply click your account dropdown in the top right corner of your account and select ‘Calendar Sync’, as shown in the screenshot below: Need Help Finding Something?We’re happy to help you locate any of your settings! Please feel free to reply to this post and we we can help direct you 😊 We’re Hyped!In other news, Calendly was named a Sample Vendor in Everyday AI and Appointment Scheduling in the 2023 Hype Cycle™ for Digital Workplace Applications report! 🎉For some background, each year Gartner® identifies innovative technologies that provide organizations with significant benefits in the digital workplace. Calendly is proud to have made the list! To read the full report, take a look here. Cheers to another month of smooth scheduling and warm wished to all our Cal Pals for the holiday season to come! ...pssst… keep an eye out for some super special festive community content coming your way this month! ☃️

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Product Update - October 2023

We’re stoked to have another month under our belts here in the Calendly Community, and with another month comes another Product Update. If you’re new here… Welcome! 🎊 Our Product Update is a monthly crier where we update you on some of what we’ve been up to here at Calendly. With Spooky Season coming to a close, let’s talk about some scary cool things that happened this month 🎃 AI is Coming Soon… AI is changing the productivity game, and we’d like to invite you to join our waitlist and become one of the first to know when AI comes to Calendly.Our vision for AI and Calendly will allow us to go beyond correlating activity with success, and to focus on the quality of productivity. The goal is for AI not to replace, but to enable and enhance human relationships. For more information on how AI is transforming what we think about productivity, feel free to check out this Blog post.      We're Stoked to announce that we are now an official partner with Gong Engage! With the Gong browser integration, you add the power of Calendly to your sales platform. By enabling this integration from your browser extension, a Calendly button is added to Gong’s email compose window. Instead of navigating across applications, you can easily access your events and share your availability while writing an email!NOTE: You need to have access to Gong Engage and a Calendly browser extension downloaded to enable this integration. For more information about Gong Engage, click here. Forrester study: Calendly provided a 318% ROIWe commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study evaluating the costs and benefits of Calendly. The report paints a picture of the kind of financial impact a company can expect to see with Calendly— namely, an ROI of 318%. To read more and download the study, feel free to check out this Blog post.  Notable Quotable:"Prior to using Calendly, employees in customer-facing and recruiting departments spent considerable amounts of time scheduling external meetings. This limited their ability to focus on customer interactions and other strategic work. … Back-and-forth scheduling emails made for poor customer and employee experiences.After the investment in Calendly, the interviewees’ organizations observed improved productivity and better customer and employee experiences. Key results from the investment included an increased customer renewal rate, shorter recruiting cycle, and increased external meeting booking efficiency."– The Total Economic Impact™ Of Calendly: Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Calendly We’re so excited for all of this and more to come 👀. Let us know— what would you like to see from us next?  

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Introducing Calendly for Gong Engage

Alright, so if you’re in sales (which would make sense if you’re in here 👋) - solid chance you know of Gong. If not, it’s a very cool SaaS product that captures customer interactions and the delivers insights - data! but like actionable data! - at scale. And what do we do with data? We make smart decisions based on data instead of opinions.Back in June, Gong announced Gong Engage which is best summed up from their press release: “Gong Engage serves as a single solution to streamline sales engagement for revenue teams by delivering AI-based sales guidance from the first touchpoint with a prospect to deal close. Engage helps teams create and accelerate pipeline by delivering increased productivity with AI-driven automation and guidance, high-quality outreach to engage entire accounts, and a single sales engagement solution to streamline revenue workflows. Gong’s proprietary AI delivers three times more accuracy than off-the-shelf AI models.”Data? AI? Together? Magic.And today we’ve got our own news to add to this mix to just take it a notch even more magical - especially for our sales oriented users. Today we’re introducing Calendly for Gong Engage.This feature is available for all plans and all users and the tl;dr directly from our Help Center article: “With the Gong browser integration, you add the power of Calendly to your sales platform. By enabling this integration from your browser extension, a Calendly button is added to Gong’s email compose window. Instead of navigating across applications, you can easily access your events and share your availability while writing an email.”And y’all… do you know what that means? No application or context switching. We might be in love.For more information, check out:Calendly for Gong Engage (Help Center Article)Calendly + Gong: Sales and scheduling automation at your fingertips (Calendly Blog Article)Gong Engage (Gong Product) 

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Product Update - September 2023

Well, looks like this is the first ever Calendly Community Product Update. Cue a weird sense of excitement and nerves.And while this all (*points to literally everything*) is a work in progress with dust still flying around wildly, we’re excited to get this little community of ours off the ground and into the hands of our users. One of the things we’re looking forward to doing is giving you - yeah! you! - a regular round up of all things Calendly.Ready? Let’s go. New & Improved Microsoft Outlook Add-InOur Microsoft Outlook add-in has been available for awhile now and it was time for some well-deserved upgrades. With our new & improved Outlook add-in, you can:⭐ Search, star, and access all of your Event Types (that's right — all of 'em!)📆 Quickly add time slots to emails for scan-and-click booking🔗 Share your scheduling links🕒 Create meeting polls to easily find the best time for everyone🤝 Create one-off meetings Enhancements to Lead RoutingY’all appear to love Calendly Routing and uh, WE DO TOO. Which is perfect because that love has manifested in our most requested updates to routing going live. So what’s new?1️⃣ PARDOT (Salesforce Marketing Cloud)Route and schedule qualified leads from the Pardot marketing forms on your website2️⃣ SALESFORCEUse Salesforce intelligence to filter assigned sales reps by any field — deal stage, territory, etc.3️⃣ MARKETOAccess meeting event data in Adobe Marketo to track campaign performance and automate email retargeting campaignsSee it in action here: Personal Analytics DashboardsEver find yourself thinking “I wonder how many meetings I’m scheduling. And when? Any trends?” Well, now you can know all the things with our new personal analytics dashboards. This pleases your friendly neighborhood data nerd. 1️⃣ View your popular meeting times, top event types, and more2️⃣ See what’s going well and where to make adjustmentsIf you're on a multi-user plan, access your personal analytics by going to  Account --> Analytics. There is definitely more good stuff coming your way. What do you want to see Calendly tackle next?

Related products:Calendly (Product)