Introducing Calendly for Gong Engage

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Alright, so if you’re in sales (which would make sense if you’re in here 👋) - solid chance you know of Gong. If not, it’s a very cool SaaS product that captures customer interactions and the delivers insights - data! but like actionable data! - at scale. And what do we do with data? We make smart decisions based on data instead of opinions.

Back in June, Gong announced Gong Engage which is best summed up from their press release: “Gong Engage serves as a single solution to streamline sales engagement for revenue teams by delivering AI-based sales guidance from the first touchpoint with a prospect to deal close. Engage helps teams create and accelerate pipeline by delivering increased productivity with AI-driven automation and guidance, high-quality outreach to engage entire accounts, and a single sales engagement solution to streamline revenue workflows. Gong’s proprietary AI delivers three times more accuracy than off-the-shelf AI models.”

Data? AI? Together? Magic.

And today we’ve got our own news to add to this mix to just take it a notch even more magical - especially for our sales oriented users. Today we’re introducing Calendly for Gong Engage.

This feature is available for all plans and all users and the tl;dr directly from our Help Center article: “With the Gong browser integration, you add the power of Calendly to your sales platform. By enabling this integration from your browser extension, a Calendly button is added to Gong’s email compose window. Instead of navigating across applications, you can easily access your events and share your availability while writing an email.

And y’all… do you know what that means? No application or context switching. We might be in love.

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