Meet our fresh, new release notes page!

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Meet our fresh, new release notes page!

We've got some exciting news to share that you won't want to miss — meet our fresh, new release notes page where you can find our monthly product newsletter from our very own Head of Product Marketing, Jeff, and get the lowdown on all the new features we're rolling out each month. Now, you can easily find those updates even if you’ve missed the latest newsletter just by clicking this link or accessing it from the community sidebar. 

Check out the highlights from our latest release:

➡️ Instant schedule HubSpot contacts with assigned owners: With our Routing solution, you can now “look up” data in your HubSpot CRM to instantly match and schedule customers based on the assigned account owner! These lead routing enhancements with HubSpot is an (account) match made in heaven. 

➡️ Customer Testimonials: Don't just take our word for it. Olina Karagianni, RevOps Manager at Toggl, shares her experience: "It took me only seven minutes to set up Calendly’s HubSpot LookUp. Seven minutes that saved us hours of manual reassignments and fixing reports. For us, it’s not just about conversions; it’s also about saving valuable time for our team while providing excellent customer experience."

➡️ New Integrations Alert: We're thrilled to announce two new partnerships with tools you love — Loom and Grammarly! With Loom’s new Calendly integration, your viewers can set up a meeting with you while — or right after — watching your Loom video of you presenting.

As part of Grammarly “app actions,” our integration allows you to stay focused and reduce context switching by using AI writing assistance to pull up and share your Calendly availability wherever you’re writing. 

🚀 And that's not all! We've got more exciting updates and announcements on the horizon, so stay tuned. Thanks for being a part of our growing community!

🔗 Full Product Release Notes for March 2024



Absolutely stoked about this and what it means for Calendly customers. Thank you so much for posting this for all to read! 🤗