Product Update - December 2023

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Happy New Year from your Calendly Community! 


Call me crazy, but this time of year always has me reflecting more than any other. Here are some of the questions I like to ask myself when taking my personal annual inventory:

  • What was I doing this time last year? 
  • What are some things that surprised me this year? 
  • What has changed? 
  • What stayed the same?

In the spirit of reflecting, here’s a quick rundown of what we were up to in December as we launch into 2024… 🚀


12 Days of Calendly

Kelsi and I got to embody little helper elves this past month by putting together 12 festive articles on topics we feel are incredibly helpful for all Calendly users, individuals and teams alike.

Helpful topics like:

  • What are different event types?
  • Creating events in a Team Page
  • Adding Calendly to Your Website
  • Helpful Integrations
  • …and more!

Feel free to check it out here!


Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Automate

Users on our Enterprise plan can now integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 via Power Automate. In addition to automatically adding (or updating) scheduled meeting information in your records, the integration can:

  • Sync leads in real time: When a Calendly meeting is booked, a lead is created with up-to-date contact information. If the lead already exists in Dynamics 365, the record is updated with Calendly’s most recent information.
  • Get insight into leads’ activities: View upcoming and past meetings on a lead’s Timeline. If a meeting is rescheduled or canceled, the appointment also is updated or canceled in Dynamics 365.
  • Enable dynamic sales and marketing automations: Always include the right team member’s availability or scheduling page in email campaigns and lead nurture flows. Store user-specific Calendly links in your Dynamics 365 user profile, so you don’t have to manually add them to each email.
  • Capture form responses: If you use Calendly forms to capture lead information, all submissions are added to Dynamics 365 records, too.

For more information on the Microsoft Dynamics and Power Automate integration, feel free to click here

Not an Enterprise user? For more information on our Enterprise plan, see here.


Host Pools - Improved Collective and Round Robin Event Types

This is a feature that I know I’ve been long awaiting, and am so thrilled to finally be able to offer to our Teams and Enterprise users! Host pools for Collective and Round Robin event types allow you to create multi-person events with a mix of “host(s) that will always attendand a “rotating pool” of other hosts.

For more info on how to use host pools for your Collective and Round Robin event types, take a look at this Community article I put together!


🥂 🍾 Cheers to another year of simplifying scheduling! Let us know— what would you like to see from us next? 

 - Sam

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