Product Update - February 2024

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Happy Leap Year Day, CalPals! With the second month of 2024 under our belts, I’m here to share another round of Product Updates! 

While we’re still working on some exciting things for you in beta, I have a couple of quick Calend-news items to share with you. 


New Terms of Use

If you’re a solo user or an organization owner/admin, you may have noticed an email in your inbox recently about some updates we’re making to our Terms of Use. 

These new terms will go into effect on March 8, 2024, and the prior version of our Terms of Service will apply until then. 


Why Are We Updating Our Terms of Use? 

Essentially, we think y’all deserve the best. We’re refocusing our Terms of Use to provide an easier self-service experience that will improve transparency and clarity, and limit legalese.


What We’re Updating:

  • Start at our brand new Legal Homepage - your one-stop-shop for all things Legal and Compliance. Consider this your roadmap to determining how to navigate the relevant links/terms in clear language and in one place, holistically.
  • From there, you should be able to easily navigate which additional terms and policies may apply to you and your Authorized Users (if any).
  • We’ve added or updated certain terms, including requirements around customer obligations when using Calendly, Calendly’s SMS functionality, our AI features, and more specific terms on confidentiality, use of customer data, and indemnification obligations.
  • We’ve updated our Acceptable Use Policy - which applies to all Customers, Authorized Users, Invitees and Website Visitors - to clarify the types of activities that are permitted and prohibited when accessing/using Calendly’s Services and/or Websites.
  • We’ve also updated our Privacy Notice to provide more information on how we collect and use personal information in connection with our business practices and new products and features.

Have questions about the updates to our Terms of Use? Feel free to reach out any time!


Sending Workflows From a No-Reply Address

This one is pretty self explanatory– while Workflows were previously only able to be sent from or a connected Gmail or Outlook email account, we’ve just updated them to be able to send from

This means that if you have an event type that uses our no-reply email address with email confirmations, you can now set your Workflow to match the event type notifications, allowing for notification uniformity and preventing potential invitee confusion.



🎉 That’s it for this month! We post these fun run-downs every month to help you stay in the know with all things new to Calendly, so check back in a few weeks to keep up-to-date with all things Calend-news 📰


 - Sam

Can you PLEASE add workflows to be able to work with shared events?


I’m using a shared event for my entire sales team and I want to setup text to confirm reminders through a workflow but workflows don’t work with shared events. I am already using regular text confirmations but workflows would make things 100% better!


Please let me know!

Hey there @Freedom06333 - thank you so much for the feedback and your use case! I can totally appreciate that an ability to use Workflows on shared event types would be an awesome update to the feature. I will make sure to include this feedback in our monthly report for the product team. I wish I could make promises about if or when the update might be implemented, but I can’t - I can make sure your voice is heard though! 

Confirming, the terms of service and workflows no reply email response were February updates?  Curious if there’s a defined product roadmap. Obsessed Calendly user - thank you for how hard you work to keep us in business!! 

Hi @Julie35673!

Yes, those were the February updates.

We have a defined roadmap internally, but I’d love to know what you - as a obsessed Calendly user (which make you basically our favorite type of user 😍) - would want to see on a roadmap? How far out? How much detail (like only big features or literally every nitty gritty little thing)? Let us know. Also tagging in @SchedulingSteve as I know he loves this type of input.

Thank you! I’d love to know a sentence or so on like the top three features you plan to roll out. It lets us when to anticipate workflow changes, or how long we hang on with interim fixes (example, max appointments per month is something mentioned would be coming soon - tentative roadmap will be helpful as we hang on for it!) 

Hi @Julie35673 and @Freedom06333 !

With the disclaimer that our roadmap is always subject to our planning and prioritization process, we are looking into supporting workflows on both shared events and managed events.

I had shared some specifics on features coming out in this post last week, but I was too quick to announce, so have edited this to be brief and not steal the thunder from our upcoming big launch. Stay tuned for a more comprehensive and detailed announcement!