Product Update - January 2024

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…and that’s a wrap on January! Time is flying by and we’re somehow already one month into 2024. There have been an incredible 24,000 users who visited us in Community just this past month and we look forward to continuing to help y’all meet your scheduling goals in the coming months! What a great start to the year 🎊


In other exciting news for admins using Managed Events, we just rolled out a stellar new feature that makes the management process of Managed Events even better 😎


Event Type Permissions for Managed Events

We’re now able to provide View or Edit access to other users when using Managed Event Types!

To use this new feature, you can simply click the settings gear of an assigned Managed Event Type from the home page of an assigned host. You can then click “Edit permissions”, as shown in the screenshot below to provide other users View or Edit access for Managed Event Types.


This is a feature I see a ton of value in for admins who are big fans of Managed Event Types, so I’m super excited for y’all! If you’re not familiar with Managed Event Types, feel free to take a look at this Help Center article for more information on them. 


Alrighty, short and sweet! While not a dense month for new roll-outs, we’ve had our heads down working hard on a lot of really cool new things for you. Keep an eye out; we’re cooking 🧑‍🍳


 - Sam



Amazing article as always, Sam! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date!