Product Update - November 2023

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New UI, lets get fresh!

Heading into this holiday season and heading into a new year, we’ve rolled out a new look for Calendly! With a new streamlined user interface and some cool new features, we’re so excited to share our make-over with the world 💄



Your new navigation home base, the sidebar is where you’ll go for the most regularly used tools in Calendly. This part is fairly self-explanatory, but here’s what it’s all about. 


Event Type Editor With In-Editor Preview

By far my favorite part of the new design is the addition of the event type editor’s booking page preview.

While previously, you had to leave your event type settings page to check your work, you now have a view of your booking page while making your configurations to see how each setting affects your booking page in real-time. 


For a quick (~6:30) overview of the new event type editor, take a look at this video walkthrough!



We’ve got your work/life balance in mind here at Calendly, and it’s never been easier to make sure your time is your own. With the new Holidays feature, you can set your holiday preferences with just a few clicks and enjoy your well earned rest!



Calendar Sync

Your calendar connections are easier to access than ever before. Simply click your account dropdown in the top right corner of your account and select ‘Calendar Sync’, as shown in the screenshot below:



Need Help Finding Something?

We’re happy to help you locate any of your settings! Please feel free to reply to this post and we we can help direct you 😊


We’re Hyped!

In other news, Calendly was named a Sample Vendor in Everyday AI and Appointment Scheduling in the 2023 23FmtDzpm2SpfPW50UkEa2vNfcob8bVnY7WS_93OICuYbJ0paJw7hC3rfwRWoAV0r74YYidvf514S_8k7n46G8bb0m4747Flyx__67PeISoYvD8AFUizrHekKnDQbQAnUJr5H1fbZV5LkI9cNbG4Stc Hype Cycle™ for Digital Workplace Applications report! 🎉

For some background, each year Gartner® identifies innovative technologies that provide organizations with significant benefits in the digital workplace. Calendly is proud to have made the list! To read the full report, take a look here.


Cheers to another month of smooth scheduling and warm wished to all our Cal Pals for the holiday season to come!


...pssst… keep an eye out for some super special festive community content coming your way this month! ☃️

Why?  You had a clean, clear and usable interface.  Now I can’t find a thing.  Just...why? 

Why?  You had a clean, clear and usable interface.  Now I can’t find a thing.  Just...why? 

Hey, Lynn!

First, I want to apologize for any frustrations this change may cause as that is certainly not the intention. Our product team has worked to enhanced the usability of Event Types and availability, allowing you to spend less time setting them up and more time focusing on crucial meetings that drive conversions, attract top talent, and deliver exceptional customer experiences, ultimately leading to significant business gains. By working to make our event types more intuitive, we hope to help you spend more time scheduling.

We understand change isn't easy and can sometimes be disruptive to your workflow within Calendly. That being said, I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about these changes. I'll also be sure to pass along your feedback to our internal teams so that we can improve our product updates in the future.

Let me know what you might be stuck on - and I will be happy to help! 

Don’t assume I don’t like change.  I fully embrace change if it is an improvement. 

What user feedback did you gather before the design change?  Were there complaints about the usability?   I find it is a thing these days that developers never ask users what they want. 

I do not find this interface more intuitive, I found it confusing because it was so different.  It increased the time it took to do anything.  I build a lot of round-robin teams.  I can usually build it out in 5-10 minutes.  Not anymore.  

If it ain’t broke…...

@Lynn84287 I can absolutely appreciate the fact that you do not feel these are good changes, and I will make sure that feedback makes it to our product team. If there is anything I can do to help as you get used to the new design, please do let me know.