Product Update - September 2023

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Well, looks like this is the first ever Calendly Community Product Update. Cue a weird sense of excitement and nerves.

And while this all (*points to literally everything*) is a work in progress with dust still flying around wildly, we’re excited to get this little community of ours off the ground and into the hands of our users. One of the things we’re looking forward to doing is giving you - yeah! you! - a regular round up of all things Calendly.

Ready? Let’s go.


New & Improved Microsoft Outlook Add-In

Our Microsoft Outlook add-in has been available for awhile now and it was time for some well-deserved upgrades. With our new & improved Outlook add-in, you can:

⭐️ Search, star, and access all of your Event Types (that's right — all of 'em!)
📆 Quickly add time slots to emails for scan-and-click booking
🔗 Share your scheduling links
🕒 Create meeting polls to easily find the best time for everyone
🤝 Create one-off meetings


Enhancements to Lead Routing

Y’all appear to love Calendly Routing and uh, WE DO TOO. Which is perfect because that love has manifested in our most requested updates to routing going live. So what’s new?

1️⃣ PARDOT (Salesforce Marketing Cloud)
Route and schedule qualified leads from the Pardot marketing forms on your website
Use Salesforce intelligence to filter assigned sales reps by any field — deal stage, territory, etc.
Access meeting event data in Adobe Marketo to track campaign performance and automate email retargeting campaigns

See it in action here:


Personal Analytics Dashboards

Ever find yourself thinking “I wonder how many meetings I’m scheduling. And when? Any trends?” Well, now you can know all the things with our new personal analytics dashboards. This pleases your friendly neighborhood data nerd. 

1️⃣ View your popular meeting times, top event types, and more
2️⃣ See what’s going well and where to make adjustments

If you're on a multi-user plan, access your personal analytics by going to  Account --> Analytics.


There is definitely more good stuff coming your way. What do you want to see Calendly tackle next?

Great work!

A couple things that would be VERY helpful:

  • Support for different Event Types to book meetings to specified calendars.
  • Support for recurring meetings in Event Types. (I can only imagine that is far more complicated than it sounds. Something like Acuity’s implementation would be brilliant.)
  • Single Use links are great (especially from the Chrome Extension) and would love to have an easy way to get them from the main “My Calendly/Event Types” dashboard.
  • “Share Link” where you can have the link “Let this link expire after the first booking” (which is the same as “Single Use Links” obviously”) is great, and given that it can be customized, would be a great “one-click” button on the Chrome Extension too (maybe replacing/enhancing the “copy single-use link” button).
  • “Share Link” where you can ALSO easily set the link itself to expire after X days. (Here’s the use case: if I send the single-use link to people, they will often use it simply to see my availability and not actually book a meeting through Calendly, but rather directly … I’d like to limit that ability, and encourage use of Calendly … especially for client’s executive assistants booking time with me and my team).
  • Preferred slots or Limited Slots. “Look Busy” was a great feature that Acuity has/had where they would only display up to X number of available slots per day and/or they would limit those (or emphasize preferred slots) that were next to others (i.e. maximizing ‘focus time’ between meetings vs. the potential for sporadic meetings throughout the day). Again, more complicated to implement I’m sure.

Hey @JameHealy! I love all of these. I’m adding them to this month’s feedback list and will definitely do a double check to see if any of these are feasible with any workarounds or sneaky ways. Thank you SO much for sharing.